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Your one stop source for casting Impregnation

Segment leader offering a wide array of product options in Vacuum Impregnation Plants, Impregnation Sealants, Casting Defects and Rectification Products....

About Us

Micro Porosity in castings and powder metal parts can result in pressure leak paths and poor quality surface finishes. Impregnation is a permanent solution to this problem as Vacuum Impregnation will fill voids and defects with stable yet flexible material. Vacuum Impregnation can be performed on raw as well as finished machines parts as it causes no change in the Dimensional Attributes of components. Vacuum Impregnation is more Cost-Effective than Scrapping Porous Castings and increases Productivity.

UK Enterprises is a manufacturer, exporter and service provider of Impregnation Plants, Impregnation Sealants, Casting Defects Rectification Products. We mainly export Vacuum Impregnation Plan and Impregnation Sealant products to Pakistan and Bangladesh. Our Vacuum Impregnation products allow manufacturers to save time, energy, money and ensure quality by salvaging parts which otherwise have to be rejected.

UK Enterprises' impregnation products are used in a wide variety of industries such as Automotive Cylinder Heads, Automotive Engine Blocks, Automotive Carburetors, Air Powered Tool Components, Intake Manifolds, Aircraft and Airspace Components, Hydraulic Pumps and Valves, Pnuematic Components, Gear Housing, Air brake Components, Gas , Oil and Water Meter, Auto Gas Conversion System, Power Steering Components, Hydraulic Door Closures, Filter Valves, Bathroom Fittings and many more.

Company Brief:

Established in 1998 , UK Enterprises is an organisation of international repute in the design and manufacture of special purpose vacuum impregnation installations. The company have experienced impregnation specialists to solve the most leaky problems of the customers.

UK Enterprises is in technical collaboration with Chemence Inc. (U.S.A.) who are world leaders in the field of impregnation. Having grown to be the largest impregnating specialists in US, Chemene Inc. was established with the aim of Research & Development & Manufacture of hightech impregnating sealants for advanced applications like those as per Defence Standards, Aerospace, Avionics, Communication Systems, Electronics & Automobiles

Chemence is a company of international reputation. The group originated in the early 60's in Georgia (U.S.A.) as specialists devoted to the development and manufacture of highly specialized  porosity sealing systems. This was followed with Vacuum impregnation job shop facilities in U.S.A., South Africa, United kingdom (Paris, Lyon, Metz) and many more.


Detailed investigations is done  by our engineers to collect  the right data  for optimum process design engineering. Our  engineers give prime importance to the customer’s specific needs. They strongly believe in  ideal equipment selection and maximum return on investment . This  service is provided  free of cost to the customer.


Impregnation experts and quality control engineers of IMP monitor the progress of work to ensure that it confirms to UKE’s uncompromising standards of precision and quality.


  • Supply of the complete range of Vacuum Impregnation models UK 500 to UK 1500
  • Supply of Special Sealant HC 90
  • Job shop impregnation service facility
  • Supply of casting defects rectification products.

Product Range

We offer a wide range of products:

  • Vacuum Impregnation Plant:
    • Fully Automatic
    • Semi Automatic
    • Manual
    • Impregnation Sealant
  • Casting Defects Rectification Products: We are the mfrs. and suppliers of high quality products to salvage casting defects like Blow holes, pin holes, wrong holes, wrong threads , cracks and other visual defects etc. All these defects can permanently be rectified without change in colour of the castings. Our products are very easy to use and can be machined easily achieving the same colour. These products are available in the following forms:
    • Aluminium filler
    • Gun metal filler
    • Steel filler


  • UL Approval……………………..MH 18419
  • U.S. Military ……………………Mil-I-17563C (QPL-17563-40)
  • Ford Motor Company………….WSK-M4G303-B1
  • General Motors         ………….  9985734
  • Daimler Chrysler Corp. ………. PS-1482
  • Allied Signal Automotive ………BW 108 P
  • Mack Trucks ,Inc.           ………..323 GS 19C
  • Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated
  • Department of the Navy
  • Sanden International
  • Cummins Engine
  • Emerson Process Management
  • OPW Fueling Components
  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Honeywell
  • NSF International           
  • And many more….

Quality Assurance

Quality Control is an integral part of our manufacturing philosophy, beginning with the selection and development of the best machinery and production methods together with an accurate documentation control system at all work stations. Our quality analysts ensure international standards of quality, safety and reliability by conducting stringent tests on raw materials as well as finished products.

Infrastructure Facilities

We have two manufacturing units in Rithala and Ghaziabad with modern state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly skilled and experienced workforce. We are easily handling bulk productions in combination with the standard qualitative output. To ensure the international quality standard of the products we have some of the best mechanical facilities including the latest and fast communication systems leading to quick and smooth flow of in-house communications.

Why Us?

Our ultimate aim is to design, manufacture, and deliver the highest quality and most reliable range of vacuum components and systems.

  • Competitive Edge
  • Superlative quality
  • Durable and long lasting products
  • Competitive prices
  • Timely delivery
  • Customer oriented approach.